We want to say warm welcome to all Secondary School Teacher (SST) in Punjab.Please Coordinate with “Lissan Gujjar” so that he reorganize the Punjab Level Organizational Structure.

1. According to Rules any SS can transfered on post of Headmaster / Headmistress after 10 year working Experience in Higher Secondary School. But Now a days on Each post of Administration SS are working which is against Law.
If all SST’s from Punjab cooperate with Lissan Gujjar and move in Court than 80% current SST’s get regular 17 scale.
So Contact with Lissan Gujjar for cooperation.

In Rahim Yar Khan There is more than 600 SST are working.If we get 500 donation from Each than you calculate this amount for case in HIgh Court.
500×600 = Rs.300000/-
If we get Rs.100 donation from Each than
1000×600 = 600000/-
So contact with Lissan Gujjar on Bellow Numbers.

Organizational Chart
Lissan Gujjar
Rahim Yar Khan
SST Association Punjab

  1. Muhammad Asif says:

    My name is Muhammad Asif. I am SST_CS in distt. jhang.

  2. Muhammad iqbal says:

    i am Muhammad Iqbal from jhelum . i am SST Math In GHS no02 pinanwal.

  3. SST Abid says:

    i think you are not updating website recently????

  4. M.JAvaid Khan says:

    It is my request to all SSTs from punjab , Pl z stand for ur right. Demand Time scale as given to fedral SSTs from BPS 16-21. I m Javed Khan SST from Rajanpur distt.

  5. Nasir says:

    A big blunder with SSTs only Punjab Govt. allow M.Phil allowance 5000 to Grade 17 and above. all Grade 16 or lower scale teachers can not get M.phil 5000 allowance as per School Education Notification dated 6-3-13

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